2 - 6 September 2024, Belgrade, Serbia


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    E-mail: mphys11@ipb.ac.rs

Lectures and reports

The Book of Abstracts will be available for download here, as well as the abstracts and slides of the lecturers.

Ignatios Antoniadis Landscape, swampland and extra dimensions
Irina Aref'eva Running coupling in holographic QCD (abstract)
Salvatore Capozziello Gravitational waves in nonmetric gravity (abstract)
Vladimir Dobrev Canonical construction of invariant differential operators
Branko Dragovich The dark side of the universe in a nonlocal de Sitter gravity (abstract)
Emilio Elizalde Cosmology and mathematical singularities: A historical perspective (abstract)
James Fullwood On spatiotemporal formulations of quantum information theory
Alexey Golovnev Modified gravity and strong coupling issues (abstract)
Falk Hassler (tba)
Yaghoub Heydarzade Geometric perfect fluids and FLRW-cosmology in generic gravity theories (abstract)
Tristan Hübsch Constructing Ricci-flat mirror hypersurfaces within spaces of general type (online talk, abstract)
Ilija Ivanišević Courant bracket twisted simultaneously by B and theta (abstract)
Nemanja Kaloper A QFT in dS (online talk)
Takeo Kojima Quadratic relations of the deformed W-algebras (online talk, abstract)
Alexey Koshelev Black holes in non-perturbative gravity
Aleksandar Miković Finiteness of piecewise flat quantum gravity with matter (abstract)
Djordje Minic From quantum foundations to quantum gravity as gravitized quantum theory
Leonardo Modesto Nonlocal quantum gravity
Bojan Nikolić Double space T-dualization of type II superstring with coordinate dependent RR field
Sergei Odintsov Gravitational waves in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity (abstract)
Konstantin Osetrin Exact models of gravitational waves based on Shapovalov wave spacetimes (abstract)
Todor Popov Dynamical supersymmetry of the Landau levels (abstract)
Emmanuel Saridakis Alleviating H0 and S8 cosmological tensions through modified gravity (online talk, abstract)
George Savvidy Extension of Chern-Simons forms (abstract)
Dejan Stojkovic Beyond quantum mechanics (online talk)
Mihai Visinescu Transverse Kahler structures, Sasaki-Ricci flow and holomorphic Hamiltonian vector fields on Sasaki-Einstein spaces T(1,1) and Y(p,q) (abstract)
Igor Volovich Bose gas black hole duality (online talk, abstract)
Rade Živaljević Quasitoric manifolds associated with Bier spheres and generalized permutahedra
George Zoupanos A realistic and testable supersymmetric model from the dimensional reduction of an N = 1, 10D, E8 theory over a modified flag manifold (online talk, abstract)


Institute of Physics Belgrade (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia


Faculty of Mathematics (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Mathematical Institute (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Belgrade, Serbia
Serbian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences (SANS)
Belgrade, Serbia